FIND YOUR FLOW FIND YOUR FLOW FIND YOUR FLOW Universal Flow Gathering is a flow arts event with a mission to merge
the gap between communities participating in flow. Uniting the cultures
of flow arts, fire dancing, yoga, meditation, and sound healing. Our main focus is on workshops where we search for teachers from
around the world to come and share their knowledge. While striving
to create a safe space where participants can practice, explore, play,
or teach their art forms. LOCATION Universal Flow Gathering 2018 in held in beautiful Southern California!
The Venue resides in the the high desert of Apple Valley, Ca. EVENT ENTRY Prepare to show your valid photo I.D. to the greeters at the event gate. Please bring a copy 
of your eventbrite ticket just in case there is a mix up on our list. Do not purchase a ticket under an alias or nickname that doesn't correspond to your photo I.D. It will delay or prevent your from entry into UFG if the greeters are unable to clearly match you with your ticket. So, please come prepared with your ticket and I.D. Tickets will be sold at the gate for $175. APPROXIMATE TRAVEL DISTANCE & TIMES Directions to the venue will be released a few days prior to the event to ensure the event stays private. 420mi 92mi 153mi 8hrs 3hrs 3.5hrs BAY
DIEGO WEATHER We are in the high desert of California so there can be a significant fluctuation in weather. 
Please be prepared for summer and winter temperatures! The day can be very hot but 
the nighttime can drop down to 40-ish degrees. There is occasionally wind so be sure to secure 
all your belongings and trash bags! FOOD At UFG all our food vendors are vegan to ensure everyone can enjoy the food :) • Sol Tribe Vegan Cuisine will be serving up hot vegan food • Auraganic will be serving up cold press juice and raw vegan food Look them up on facebook! CAMPING Universal Flow Gathering is a camping event
and no other accommodations nearby. We do 
not have running water or showers, so please 
be prepared. Car camping is included in your ticket but feel free to camp in any of the designated areas! If you're traveling with 
an RV please contact us in advance. Please bring good stakes for your tents because it can get windy. UFG is a Leave No Trace event. You must bring your own garbage bags to carry out any trash and recyclables you generate. Trash service will not be available. Pack it in, pack it out. Your cooperation in keeping the venue clean will 
allow UFG to return to the venue in the future. PACKING LIST For your enjoyment, health, safety and comfort, please do not forget to bring the following items: • Your photo ID • Your toys, tools, and white gas • Everything you need for an
 outdoor weekend: - tent, sleeping bag (rated for 30′s), sleeping pad - shade because it gets hot during the day - several days worth of clothing, warm gear (it will be cold at night) - sunscreen, a hat for the sun, lip balm, sunglasses - towels - personal items, e.g. toiletries, ear plugs • Enough food, beverages, and water and/ or cash for meals from food vendors. Don’t forget to get ice on the way in. There is a gas station on Waalew Rd. • Trash bags to “Leave No Trace” (Pack it in, pack it out!!!) • Headlamp/flashlight (it’s very dark at night! Bring an extra) • A First-Aid kit and/or any medication 
 you need • Cash for use with the merchandise and food vendors • Camp chair • Camera / video camera • Performing clothes (if you are so inclined)
VENDORS We accept a wide variety of vendors from practice props, fire props,
essential oils, CBD products, or anything handmade to give you an idea :) $400 
2 tickets • 10x10 vending space • Power
Please bring any shade or anything else you need to be comfortable VOLUNTEERS Volunteering is crucial for any event and volunteers make our gathering 
run smoothly and efficiently. UFG is a small event with around 400 attendees,
so it is extremely important that everyone participates in volunteering. Sorry, we cannot offer any compensated tickets for volunteering.
In order to keep the ticket cost down, the Universal Flow Gathering
team asks that everyone signs up for a minimum of two volunteer
shifts prior to the event. • Become an integral part of the community & share an experience with your fire friends • It’s fun & it feels
 good to help out! • You can make new friends & be inspired by the creativity that surrounds you • Helps keep UFG cost effective for everyone WHY VOLUNTEER?
FESTIVAL RULES • No open fires (camp stoves ok) • Fire spinning is only in the fire circle • Leave no trace, recycle & take your trash • No drugs & alcohol • No firearms or other weapons • No fireworks • No individual campfires • No camping on or blocking the roads • If you have not volunteered please sign
 up at info booth • Drink water & take care of yourself • Be courteous where you are parking
 & camping to leave space for others • Good vibes & miles of smiles • Have fun & burn bright NO MINORS No one under 18 years of age is allowed. While we want to include as many members of the communities as possible, minors present significant safety and liability concerns. Please contact us with any concerns. NO PETS For the safety of the animals and attendees we cannot allow pets at UFG. We have a very strict policy, so please do not bring your animal. If you come with your animal you will not be allowed entrance or be given a refund. NO DRUGS & ALCOHOL Universal Flow Gathering is a
NO ALCOHOL event. Illegal
drug use is NOT permitted! Both alcohol and drug use
threaten the future of
Universal Flow Gathering. FIRE SAFETY GUIDELINES • You are responsible for your own safety no matter what you are doing. It is the performer’s responsibility to obtain a safety spotter. Do not spin fire without a safety. • No smoking or open flames in the fuel depot or fuel storage areas. • Before you do anything on fire, it is highly recommended to attend the fire safety workshops. • Wear only fire-appropriate clothing, we recommend cottons, silks, leathers, hemps, or aramid fibers. Additionally be aware of any cosmetic or hair product that may be flammable. • Keep ALL fuel in the designated Fuel Dump area. Do your part to keep things organized by placing fuel not actively being used into the metal storage containers and keep the fueling station and spin off area clear and free of personal equipment. • If you have any questions please feel free to ask the fire safeties on duty, they are there to help teach safety and manage the field. If you have a question, ask them; if they ask you to
 do something, please listen, whether you are
 spinning or safetying. • If you intend to spin fire please volunteer to
 fire safety and relieve others so they can spin! :) •BEGINNERS We offer a fire safety course at 6pm on Friday and Saturday of the event. This course is great for people who have never spun fire or are looking for more information. The teacher does a very good job at explaining and making sure everyone leaves the class confident to spin fire or safety. To see all the guidelines in detail please visit RULES & SAFETY Our biggest concern is the safety of our participants. We teach and enforce
strict fire safety to ensure the safety of everyone. We follow all the NAFAA
guidelines and teach multiple fire safety courses to ensure safe practices. PETS MINORS DRUGS & ALCOHOL RULES & SAFETY RULES & SAFETY
Is there any volunteer positions
at Universal Flow Gathering? UFG is a small gathering with around 400
people in attendance. That being said we 
cannot offer a compensated ticket for volunteering. We need everyone who 
attends to volunteer at least 2 hours. 
Volunteers keep event running smoothly, 
allows us not to hire a bunch of people, 
which will keep ticket prices low. How do I transfer a ticket
I bought to someone else? Use Eventbrite’s ticket transfer functionality. Contact their 24 hour support if you need 
any assistance. Why isn't the address to
the venue on the website? In order to keep the event private we do not release directions to the venue until the day before the event. For general information 
how to get to the venue please visit the
location tab above. Do I need to bring my 
own fuel for fire spinning? Yes, if you plan on spinning fire you should bring at least 1-2 cans with you for the weekend. The event cannot afford to supply all the fuel for the event, so please be sure to stop to get some before you get to the venue (There are multiple walmarts and sporting good stores off the 15 freeway coming into the venue). Will there be tickets available at the door? Yes, tickets will be available at the door for $175. I have a service animal, is it ok 
to bring them to the event? No sorry, for the safety of the animals and attendees we cannot allow pets at UFG. 
This is a private event and animals are liability. No exceptions. All ticket holders will be asked to read, complete and sign
the liability and photography waiver upon check-in. FAQ LIABILITY WAIVER LIABILITY WAIVER LIABILITY WAIVER
Photography by Jacob Avanzato, © Universal Flow Gathering, 2017 – All Rights Reserved