WORKSHOPS Universal Flow Gathering brings out world class teachers to share and spread their knowledge. We host over 100 workshops throughout the weekend and we think there is something for
everyone at our event. We offer a wide variety of workshops ranging from flow arts,
fire dancing, yoga, meditation, and other healing practices. 2018 INSTRUCTORS AERIALS Jewelle Grier Katelyn Cerano Mellionaire Mel Blue Nadine Young Summer Pulice BUUGANG Chris Hanke CLUBS Eli March Lance Woods Yam Xtli CONTACT STAFF Jacob Turner James Sparks Jennifer Phillips Jeremy Gonzalez DANCE Houdoken Sara VonGillern DISCUSSIONS 
& INSPIRATION Andrew Martyn Chase Archer Jilly Bee Katy Avila Lyla Bennett DOUBLE STAFF Chris Morgan John Routson Nema Nematollahi Yamil Xtli DRAGON STAFF Joe Marshall John Routson Kayla Decker FANS Jordan Toddlington Madison Daniels Mellionaire Mel Blue Memory Elena FLOW WAND Lux Luminous HOOP Amy Wieliczka Beatrice Berg Derk Asaurus Grace Good Holly Whipple Jacquie Imhoff Mellisa Daly Robert Alberstein POI Chris Kelly David Beeler Sonali Rathod Justin Hinde James Spark Kenny Katz Lance Woods Matt Hess Momin Aziz Sam Sass Tim Goddard ROPEDART Sam Tobey Vana Aprahamian SOUND HEALING Blaine (Bear Tracks) Wilson Darryl Goldberg Dingoni John Beck Melissa Breslow Nibumbu Stevan Morris The Art of Gong Tyler Spencer Zosha Womack YOGA & 
MEDITATION Andrew Huvaere Chris Morgan Devajeet Singh Guadalupe Beckker Harmony Curtiss Kayla Decker Lindsay Balgooyen Michelle Scarbrough Mike Pierce Nick Capobianco Scott Winslow SCHEDULE
MUSIC MUSIC Universal Flow Gathering strives to bring fresh producers from around the country. With a focus
on bass music we like to provide excellent sound that makes everyone want to spin and dance! 2018 ARTISTS
Photography by Jacob Avanzato, © Universal Flow Gathering, 2017 – All Rights Reserved